Sunday, January 9, 2011

Truly Awesome Trinity Crib

The Most Holy Trinity -Glorious Father, Son and Holy Spirit - it would seem has blessed us with an undeniable artistic image of their presence in the Christmas Crib at St. Ambrose Catholic Church, Richmond ME (part of All Saints Parish, Brunswick, ME). This spotlit, Thomas Kinkade inspired collectible figure of the crib was photographed by Fr. William Dinga, Jr. on Christmas Eve 2010. It is an example that - Spirit led - everything, every minute detail was in the right place, at the right time, at the right angle for the photograph to be taken. And what is seen gives TRUE MEANING to the obsessively overused word in our American vocabulary today: AWESOME. Only GOD and his WORKS are "AWESOME:" worthy of evoking a speechless, wondrous encounter and putting everyone in their place: God as God, and we as His humble, frail, weak, sinful, yet adoring children! For those who need some help seeing the Trinity: God the Son / Jesus is obviously the Christ Child: He is lying entirely on the right side of His Father's (God the Father) Face: Jesus' left elbow is resting on his nose; above the Father's eyebrow is a beautiful dove looking right at you - (God the Holy Spirit) of Love and Life! This is what is TRULY AWESOME - awesome indeed!
Four related links are listed below regarding further interaction with this TRULY AWESOME photograph! God warm the heart, and bless abundantly all who pursue it meaning for them!

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