Monday, November 27, 2017

Nov 27 - 34th Week in OT - Monday

+ We have reached the final week of the 2017 liturgical calendar year.  As the readings since last Advent portrayed all of the drama that is part of the magnificent redemption saga, so too we in our own lives, here at the abbey, have experience untold dramas of our own in our personal and communal lives. It seems that God is fashioning us newer, sleeker, upgraded and revitalized bodies to live our monastic lives in – this, of course, not without often-times painful and even frightening pruning, treatment and modifying that is just part of a remake of the human body, mind and spirit.

We are so grateful and thankful to him that he was there for us not only in the ministrations of those who attended us as his health-care representatives, but also personally, as he himself radiated his own treatment and healing process from within our mind, bodies and spirits.

We know that this will be, as it has been, an ongoing process – as life continues to unfold and we march ever more strongly and more sure-footedly to the gates of the Kingdom prepared for us – but we can be assured that as he has taken care of not only our health needs, but also our physical and domestic needs of fashioning for us a new home, a new abbey, a new venue – in all its magnificence here in Glen Allen – he will certainly continue the process and in the new year – make of us, as a reformed Franciscan, Benedictine, Faustinian religious experience – exactly what he has had in mind all along.

The gospel passage today tells us the only price that he asks of us: “two small coins” which represents all we have. And so, if we trust him, by  literally “spending our last dimes” in the remake process, and in helping others, then he will provide ceaselessly for all our true needs: we will always have enough of what we need. Period!

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