Saturday, November 4, 2017

Nov 4 - St. Charles Borromeo

+ Born into a noble family in northern Italy, Charles Borromeo was made a cardinal at a young age by his uncle the pope. He considered entering a monastery, but a friend convinced him to remain in the world.

Charles threw himself into the work of the Counter-Reformation, helping to revise the breviary and the Roman Missal, and authorizing instructions on the Church’s architecture and the renewal of seminaries.

As archbishop of Milan, he promoted praying the rosary with children and fostered religious education. He was a noted preacher.

Charles died in 1584. He is patron of catechists.

The first reading today from the Letter of Paul to the Romans, encourages us all to “let our love be sincere,” and in our day and age “let our hatred for evil, lying and deception, corruption and collusion be real, as we hold on to what is good, and anticipate one another in showing honor and true concern.” Thus exhorted, let us live this day rejoicing in hope, enduring in affliction and persevering in prayer, and exercising hospitality.”

This was a post Reformation pattern of life that St. Charles no doubt lived and encouraged, and it is good for us to follow his lead and example.

And from the gospel, Cardinal Archbishop Charles Borromeo was a true and genuine good shepherd whose sheep followed his voice in difficult times for the Church. May the Good Shepherd in Chief appoint among the flock heroic, vocal and courageous shepherds to steady the floundering ships that are the Church and the State.

St. Charles Borromeo, pray for us!

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