Friday, December 1, 2017

Dec 1 - 34th Week in OT - Friday

+ Our gospel today once again makes clear a very simple point: the signs are there – they are worth reading – like the handwriting on the wall of yesterdays first reading. The disarray of the nations and all creation to some extent points to the fact that something new and unimaginable is waiting at the other end of the chaos and catastrophe: life eternal in a glorious kingdom of joy and bliss: deep in the Father’s heart!

Yes, watch the signs carefully, but have hope in your mind and your heart: for the faithful will emerge victorious after sufficient sufferings and helps to salvation are exhausted. When we unite our sufferings with Christ’s own sufferings, then the Father smiles on us, and takes care of us and rewards us like he did his own Divine Precious Son.

We must always remember, we are the apple of God’s eye! his prized possessions! 

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