Friday, December 15, 2017

December 15 - 2nd Week of Advent - Friday

+ Jesus was perhaps the first to use the familiar phrase “The proof is in the pudding” although he put it in other terms: But wisdom is vindicated by her works. There can be crafty and well-intentioned arguments on both sides of any issue, but the proof is in the reality behind the arguing, the crafting, even the conniving (or as we say in our day today “colluding”) – the proof is in the degree of resemblance any situation or person has to the love which is God.

In the first reading today from the Prophet Isaiah, God tells his people to resemble his love by acting and speaking out of true love for other persons, so that prosperity can abound for them – for this is God’s command: not a harsh or unreasonable command, but one emanating from his love and his peace which he wants everyone to experience!

But the people over and over again, down to our own day, first agree, but then disagree and disobey with this commandment (this request of love); and God was forced to use his last resort card: his only Son, his Word, sent to enflesh and demonstrate this attitude, this commandment, this love in person, the person who was named Jesus. And the Word became flesh and was born on Christmas Day.

May we reflect in our lives today the fact that we need not be obsessively demanding people – arguing incessantly over the theology and philosophy of religion (or anything else, politics, in particular) – but may we simply enjoy our status as God’s loved, favored, chosen sons and daughters who belong to an incredible worldwide and heavenly family of grace and peace!

The Lord (our Brother) will come; let us go out to meet him! He is the prince of peace.

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