Wednesday, December 20, 2017

December 20 - 3rd Week of Advent - Wednesday

+ The overriding theme for today’s readings is of the seeming impossibility of the sign of a “virgin with child.” How can this be? A virginal mother?? But it could be. [For nothing will be impossible with God]. And in fact, it was so. In the same way, the seeming impossibility of the removal of Adam’s sin could in fact be a reality, because of the “child of the virgin!”  

In our series of “O Antiphons” recited as the “Alleluia Verse” before the gospel these last days of Advent, today we consider “O Key of David, opening the gates of God’s eternal Kingdom: come and free the prisoners of darkness!” These “O phrases” are ancient titles of the coming Messiah, they indicate some of the activity that he would initiate when once he arrived.

Today, then, we have the seeming impossibility of the release of prisoners condemned to live in darkness; this darkness and captivity was set in place by the free-will choice of our father in the flesh: Adam, and his wife Eve. Their wrong choice thrust them and all their descendants according to the flesh into an infernal place of wailing in the dark – and the gates of the Kingdom of Heaven were closed against them even if they could be freed.

But the glorious Key of David: the Lord and Messiah of David’s Royal House, Savior and Friend, Jesus Christ came to “turn on the lights” and to open the prison doors and the gates of heaven all at the same time – but by the price of his own self-sacrificial death on a cross. Praise be Him!

We thank this precious Key, we worship this Key, we adore this Key who in his infinite wisdom and love did what was required for our salvation! And we pray that we can help others use this wondrous Key, turn the lights on in their own lives, and finally end up with us in a heavenly kingdom with gates thrust open to receive us!

O Key of David, come and free us all: the prisoners of darkness

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