Saturday, January 13, 2018

January 13 - 1st Week of OT - Saturday

­­+ Today we have a marvelously funny fist reading, in one regard: and that would be “language used”!  A man named Kish, wait, that’s not the funny part, had a son named Saul, (and no this is not the guy who later became known as Paul), who apparently was a “handsome-giant-of-a-guy” – who towered above other people in the land. Now comes the funny part, Saul’s father’s asses had wandered off – and so Kish told his servants to go out and hunt for the asses! Ah, getting funnier!

And so, they went looking for asses – and lo, and behold, Samuel caught sight of Saul: and the Lord then whispers to Samuel: “This is the man of whom I told you; he is to govern my people.” Then, right then and there, Samuel grasps the flask he had with him, full of oil, [imagine that], and he poured it on Saul’s head: this is where it stops being funny, and begins to be amazingly prophetic and awesome: while pouring, Samuel says to Saul: The Lord anoints you commander over his heritage. You are to govern the Lord’s people Israel, and to save them from the grasp of their enemy’s roundabout!

Now, the comedy is over, and the blessed assurance that God the Father is deeply involved in the lives of his people whom he is trying to establish as the immediate family into which his own Divine Son would be born someday!

In the gospel passage, this Divine Son – the Word Made Flesh – Jesus, Messiah and Lord – demonstrates that he has come to save the family of Israel first, then everyone else from sure eternal death, due to the sin that need no longer affect them because of his self-sacrificial death that would prove the utter depths of God’s love for all humanity!
We are among those descendants of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Saul, Samuel, Solomon and David. We are the new family of God – he loves us so, he is just as intimately involved in our lives daily, as he was for a thousand generations of believing people. And so, we pray today, Lord, increase of faith, our belief and our actions that prove we believe that you love us beyond all telling, you want to be involved in health and healings of all kinds, great and small, and that you are with us until the end of time!

The Lord sent Jesus, and he send us to bring glad tidings to the poor and to proclaim liberty to captives – to the very people he will place in our lives this day – even to the asses that we might find there.

God bless you!

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