Friday, January 19, 2018

January 19 - 2nd Week in OT - Friday

+ Today we have interesting readings.  In the first reading, it seems that Saul and David had a rather rocky relationship. Saul was king and commander of the people of Israel. David got a position of trust in Saul’s court because he was known to be an astute and wise person. But, court politics being what they were, with false witnesses abounding – much like we have in our own modern-day politics – and David was accused of being traitorous to Saul – and in fact Saul, was even in fact jealous of David because of his ease of thought process and governing ability. He felt threatened by Saul. And so he took troops and went to eradicate David.

David was hiding in a cave, being tipped off by Saul’s son, Jonathan, who was very fond of David, and who entered into an inspired man-to-man relationship of fondness and admiration that is a classic for all times,

Now, Saul just happened upon the cave where David was hiding. David’s small cohort of men spied this and said to David: “Wow, God had delivered your enemy right into your hands – he’s right here in this cave. So David snuck up on Saul and cut off the border of his cloak: in another historic and classical gesture: demonstrating to Saul how close – literally – he was to him, and chose this option rather than ramming him through with a sword!

Saul got the message and changed his tune about David: he praised him for his mercy, compassion and uncommon act of maturity and insight – and he restored him to his place in his court and felt differently about him from then on.

Sometimes we are faced with a similar situation where our enemies are dropped right in front of us: a person focused on God, his will, his ways, his thoughts and his justice – arrived at through constant prayer, study and action of self-sacrificial service to people – would react as David did – ultimately letting God be the judge – realizing that men sometimes do stupid and irrational things – and that we ourselves often do them ourselves – so we cannot, and ought not really “cast the first stone” – as found in another gospel passage.

In the gospel passage today: Jesus chooses a rag-tag group of fishermen to be his intimate crowd – with whom he would become open, transparent, vulnerable, intimate and quite literally at one point – on Crucifixion Day – naked! They would be the one’s to transmit the naked truth of Truth, Justice, Beauty, Goodness, Forgiveness and Reconciliation with God to the ends of the earth.

This unadulterated message is available to us this very day: are we mature enough, spiritually grown up enough to grasp it with the hands of faith – and integrate it into our marvelously constructed spiritual and even physical and mental selves.

Or do we think we are smarter than God?

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