Monday, February 26, 2018

February 26 - 2nd Week of Lent - Monday

­­+ Again the message of the readings for this Lenten Weekday Mass are straightforward and to the point. IF we live our day today through the lenses of FAITH and LOVE – then we will be compassionate (as our Father in heaven is compassionate – and that is a whole lot of compassion to bestow on whoever God will put in our path today), we will not judge others and their situations which we can never understand completely, we will not condemn, we will grant pardon and seek after peace in all our dealings, beginning with the people in our own households. We will GIVE, in some cases beyond the point of no return, beyond what we think our human limits are, beyond our wildest imaginings – but then the amount of reward, the amount of happiness, the amount of joy, the amount of peace, the amount of HOPE, poured back into our laps: will be uncontestedly awesome.

All it takes is BELIEF that someone came from God to demonstrate exactly how this is all to work, JESUS, who is God’s Very Speech (stories about how it all works and operates) – Made Flesh – made into a human being – who quite sadly was murdered by the very people he came to free!

The first reading reminds us that it is our SHAME to NOT LISTEN to this eloquent SPEECH OF GOD MADE FLESH – His integrity always remains the same – but our SHAME INCREASES daily – the more we do not LISTEN TO THE SPEECH, listen to JESUS, listen to his Church, listen to him as a cries out to us from the underdog, the poor, the marginalized, the helpless and the abandoned. Look around they are all over the place – in various dress, fashion and even disguises.

O Lord, please do not treat us according to our sins – our willful acts of non-listening but grant us your forgiveness – and help us to pass it along today to all who also need it very badly!


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