Monday, February 5, 2018

February 5 - St. Agatha - Patron of Nurses

­­+ We have little reliable information about the martyr Agatha, other than that she was young, beautiful and rich. We also know that she lived a life consecrated to God. When Decius announced edicts against Christians in the late second century, a local magistrate tried to profit by Agatha’s sanctity by attempting to blackmail her into sex in exchange for not charging her. And so, she was handed over to a brothel but refused to accept customers. She was eventually tortured to death in 225, but not before the magistrate who tried to use her was crushed by an earthquake. Legend says that carrying her veil, taken from her tomb in Catania, in procession, has averted eruptions of Mount Etna. Her intercession is reported to have saved Malta from Turkish invasion in 1551.   

The gospel passage today tells us that we must be relentless in professing the faith of the Church in the face of any opposition, and more so today, than in any other time in recorded human history, so that the Father in heaven will be relentless in showing us mercy, compassion and love!

In all of her trials St. Agatha prayed over and over again: O Jesus Christ, all that I am is Yours; preserve me against the tyrant! May this be our prayer today, and every day, because we likewise mean it and live it!

Into your hands, Lord, we commend our spirits!

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