Tuesday, March 13, 2018

March 13 - 4th Week of Lent - Tuesday

­­+ Our readings today are quite interesting, they are about water! And not just any water, but the holy source of all water, the holy source of all that gives life and sustains life and preserves life. All living things need water to survive an earthly existence. All supernatural beings need the spiritual water of grace flowing from the heavenly Temple of the Lord, through the Pierced Heart of Christ which gushed forth water (and blood) after the Death of King of the Universe of the Cross, onto us on the day of our holy Baptisms – when we were irrevocably birthed into this eternal, glorious, supernatural “family of God’s children!” - that’s quite the procession of water! we are thus blessed!

The waters of the Sheep Gate in Jerusalem of the Gospel passage today, is symbolic of this water-shed of grace available to all who submerge themselves both literally and figuratively: the waters of healing, strength and resolution and determination to be a disciple of the Christ, from whose Life comes, our life, through whose Death, comes our death, through whose Resurrection to a newness of Life, comes our resurrection to a like newness of life – if we believe that it is so.

We should have a container of Holy Water in our monasteries, homes, and other places of residence – we should bless ourselves with it at least once during the day – and then sprinkle our residences with it before we take our rest at night – it just can remind us of all of the above in this homily, and how protected our dwellings will be when we call to mind to awesome power, strength, and LOVE that God wants to shower on us at any given moment of the day or night!

God bless!

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