Wednesday, March 14, 2018

March 14 - 4th Week of Lent - Wednesday

­­+ Our gospel passage today is a powerhouse of essential, vital and pertinent information about just what is what, and where is where, and why is why and who is whom!

Point 1 – Jesus replied to those who accused him of making himself equal to God (the Father), now look, the Father and I are one – really truly one and the same identity though two separate manifestations: therefore what you hear me and see me do, is not my own idea at all, it is the Father: for I only do and say what I see and hear the Father doing and saying! This is not that difficult to understand.

Point 2 – Therefore, whoever does not honor the Son, does not honor the Father and vice versa. This is simple human logic in formulation.

Point 3 – And, whoever believes in me, believes in the one who sent me, the Father – and they will have my life, eternal life, unimagined experience, that there are not even many human categories to describe it – for it is truly time-less, and eternal, and it just simply is what it is! And that would be astounding to the maximum!

Point 4 – Also, a time is coming, when time will run out – and then those living at that time, plus all the dead from ages past having been called forth from their earthly graves, tombs and ashes, will all together take their place in a new heavens and new earth, where Jesus will be all in all: King Triumphant who will reign down his Peace, Joy, Bliss and Inexpressible Happiness forever.

Point 5 – This, for those who have tried the best they can to LISTEN to what was revealed by the Son of God made Flesh – Jesus Christ – and to put it in to practice: which is to LOVE, self-sacrificially, not counting the cost: this is all there is to it, really, but it is so very difficult to do.

Conclusion: what an amazing reality: this is not just some fairy tale – or pie in the sky! this is the way things are and can be for anyone at all.

Action: so how today can we fully participate in this unfolding love-drama: we can do, like Jesus did, the actions that Isaiah foretold would be the sign of divine action that anyone at all can do: saying to prisoners, come out; saying to those in darkness, show yourselves; by making sure the sheep have food and water, by making straight highways for the Lord to come and go for his people; by singing out songs of rejoicing along with those in heaven who sing them; by comforting God’s people, our neighbors, and showing them mercy; by assuring everyone, every single person we meet that God the Father loves them more tenderly than a mother who loves her child of her womb – and that is pretty amazing love!

The gospel Acclamations sums it nicely: I am the resurrection and the life, says the Lord; whoever believes in me will never die.

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