Tuesday, March 20, 2018

March 20 - 5th Week in Lent - Tuesday

­­+ The readings today tell of a very profound secret, direct from God, hidden in plain sight, very plain sight! And it has to do with speech, our speech, our daily calling upon words to convey the ideas and sentiments that come from our minds and our heart. If they come from the mind only, then we are in trouble, as well as those who deal with us; if they come from the heart only, we are also in trouble, as well as those who deal with us, drowning as we might become is sentiment, wish-y wash-y and gelatinous.

I am going to tell you the secret! Yes, I am! Yes, that’s it, I am! I AM is the secret – the only reason at all that we can say “I am” – “I am this” – I am that! I am going here! I am doing this – Is the proof positive that we are created “in God’s image and likeness.” Now think about this really slowly! God told Moses to tell the people of Israel who demanded to know his name: tell them it is “I AM.” Say “I AM” sent me to you!

I AM – is the same thing as “BE-ING” Being equals I AM equal GOD. “We are” would be the collective way to include any number of “I am’s” – all existing in the ONE BEING, THE GREAT IAM – which is God! This alone, is proof of the existence of God the Father Creator, if we make the leap of will (the heart) and join it to our minds, forming our souls in being – and there you have it – Person to Person – God to me, me to God – God to us, us to God!” And he we have the reality of private and public prayer, meditation, and worship!

So, in the gospel passage, it is getting time now for “I AM” – I am Jesus – to be plotted against, falsely charged, “mocked-ly” tried, and then crucified worse than anyone before him. Simply because he was equating himself with God the Father and rightly so – because they both, with the Holy Spirit form intrinsically and essentially the ONE dynamic and living loving GOD! – and rightly so because he was. But he was playing out this human drama – imagine God becoming a human so he could die as a human to save us as humans who were destined for hell eternally. Wow! What a great God we have! What love! What sacrifice! What joy and peace!

And so when we look up at an image of Christ Crucified, as it was forecast and foretold of by the mounting of poisonous (representing the sin of humanity) seraph snakes which became healing to those who looked up: the Great I AM – did accomplish our salvation, our sin is forgiven, the gates of heaven are now open – and so long as we treat ourselves with great respect and listen to how we use the term “I am” today – knowing it is a participation in God’s own life – maybe the way we treat ourselves and others – all others – even those on TV – will be much different that it would have been if you had not heard this homily!

The seed is the word of God, Christ (I AM) is the sower; all “I am’s” – ordinary people, us, who decidedly and trustingly come to him will live forever.

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