Wednesday, March 21, 2018

March 21 - 5th Week in Lent - Wednesday

­­+ The readings today are dramatic, vivacious and vital to our spiritual growth and maturity. They challenge us to be willing to be “put into the white-hot furnace heated seven times its normal capacity” – as an attempt to sear out, blast out, and burn out the relationship of the faithful with their “God” – the One God of Creation, the God of Salvation, the God who offers us a blessed bliss in eternal pastures forever.

The three young men are classic in their response to the King, “we will not serve your god or worship the golden statue that you have set up.” And so, they were tossed into the furnace – but were unscathed, untouched by the lapping flames – in fact they were observed to be walking and talking in the depts of the inferno to “one who looked like a “son of God” – yes, it no doubt was THE SON OF GOD! – before he was even conceived or born!

Jesus gives us the power to withstand any Passion that might come our way during the course of our lives.  Even more than one – maybe even seven – the seven-times heated furnace. But through it all Jesus will be in the depths of our souls, our beings, our mind and hearts that cannot be disturbed by anything that can happen to the body – and we will never be tried beyond our limits. He is there, he will console us, soothe us, instruct us, and even entertain us – to distract us from the whirring fires and firestorms that are all around us.

The times in which we live are indeed filling fast with the whirring sounds of threatened nuclear weapons, bombs exploding, children being murdered, a worldly government system in place that defies even superlative comments these days – based on a presidency that has run amuck since the first moment of its launching.
We need to decide, my friends “Do we want to be free,(free as the guys in the furnace) really free by having truth set us free, BUT, the truth that can be none other than the PERSON of Jesus Christ – who walks with us in the flames of life – God’s very speech – which can neither deceive nor be deceived – become flesh?

Subjective truth will strangle, suffocate and kill this type of believer. “My truth” will lead this believer to the real fiery pit, in a fire that is heated infinitely more hot than normal – where this believer will reside totally alone and roasted– forever.

The choice the decision is yours: Love Jesus, love his Father, love all your brothers and sisters, help them, forgive them, lay down your life for them: and you will be free, really and truly FREE!

Blessed are they who have kept the word with a generous heart and yield a harvest through perseverance.

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