Tuesday, May 22, 2018

May 22 - Tuesday 7th Week in OT

+ We actually have amazing readings for mass today… they are all about being “right sized” “open-eyed” and “being humble to a fault” – and the message in both readings is that “child sized” is the way to go! CHILD SIZED in stature in relation to the entire universe, not only the world in which we live, child sized in attitude: that is “open-eyed” wonder, awe and amazement at what unfolds before it every brand new and adventurous day, child sized in expectations, wants and needs: a child wants everything that his/her Father wants to give it: and with our heavenly Father, as we think with our earthly fathers: they sky is the limit: my Dad can do anything for me, and give me anything because he loves me so very much.

Now whether this is a realistic posture in all families in the world or not, for whatever reason: there is an innate, infinite yearning and longing for these things. But, GOD OUR FATHER CAN BE AND DO THOSE THINGS FOR US without any effort on his part and without loss to himself in any way.

All he does is assign tasks to the Holy Spirit by means of which we are connected to the Mystical Body of His Son on earth, the Churches of Rome – not only the Roman brand, but the many other “churches” in union with the Church of Rome, where the true Vicar of Christ resides: the Roman Pontiff and Pope.

And so Jesus tells his distracted and worldly minded disciples that the “greatest” if they really need to know will be the lowliest, the humblest, the most trusting, open-eyed, and wonderfilled among them – who knows they are absolutely nothing in the sight of God – so that he can fill them with EVERYTHING THEY NEED to make their childhood in him abundant, overflowing with riches and joy, about things that really matter.
And so he says: ask rightly, and you will get it: ask in the Holy Spirit, for things that will increase and grow your spiritual childhood, into spiritual maturity, that will remain ever fresh, ever wondering, ever childlike – no matter what your age.

And you will attract and affect a whole new cadre of friends and strangers – people will intuitively and automatically be sent your way: just for a playful nod, a laugh, a smile, a word, time spent, however brief, and a sense of alienation, fear and loneliness will disappear – if only for a short while. The trick is to pray to the Spirit to send a steady supply of such “joy and gladness bearers” into our lives to fill our days, so that we can rest in peace and happiness when we turn the light out next to our beds at night!

The price of all this: what Jesus, likewise says in the gospel passage: I will go to Jerusalem to be maligned, maltreated, and murdered. But I willingly do that so that YOU can be restored to friendship with God, but also established as his true, dear and beloved adopted sons and daughters that can now last forever – if you but believe in me, and live like you believe it, in a self-giving loving way all the days of your life on earth!


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