Monday, May 7, 2018

May 7 - 6th Week of Easter - Monday

+ So often we hear of “the Day of the Lord” that is coming: and “coming like a thief in the night!” So, “be ready, be awake, be alert, for you do not know the day nor the hour of his coming!” This is all fine and true – and it will occur – but in a way that we cannot grasp hardly at all with our “earthbound” way of perceiving, processing and evaluating” – it will be entirely “different” because it will be once again – an act “wholly of God – who is wholly other” – and we shall be there!

But, my friends, the Day of the Lord is already here: it has already begun: we are definitely already there – for he is here, since the Day of his Death and Resurrection, and the sending of the Spirit: for “THIS is the continued experience of the DAY THE LORD HAS MADE! And so, if we wake up each morning and REJOICE IN IT! thank GOD FROM THE DEPTHS OF OUR HEARTS FOR IT – and orient our whole day as a response to the tremendous GIFT OF GOD – then our day will run smoothly, and we will be filled with joy, peace and hope to share with others – just the few that God will put in our path today – and that will be enough – enough for us to be able to go to sleep tonight – happy, hopeful and at peace!

But again – those who live their lives like this and radiate the Light and Peace of the Resurrection: as in the life of Jesus and the early disciples: danger awaits: the power of evil is rampant in the world today: and most destructive in its subtlety and subversive tactics. Quick reality check: if God and the action of the Trinity in my life is not at the center, if I am at the center of my focus: then, I am on the side of the enemy. PERIOD!

To give glory to God the Father and help ready the inhabitants of the earth to enter the great Wedding Feast of the Lamb of God: Christ the Bridegroom to the Church that he has already laid down his life for, is the goal of every man, woman and child on the earth…if you didn’t know that before – you know it now and are therefore responsible to incorporate it into the way you live your life.

If I am to be considered a “believer” – then, what will I have to show it today!

Alleluia! Amen.

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