Monday, June 18, 2018

Jun 18 - Monday 11th Week in OT

+ The gospel passage today is a tough lesson in real love. In order to understand the reading, we need to understand that God is God, we are not, and that our finite, limited and often-times prejudiced minds cannot comprehend real reality, or the way God operates - which is vastly more comprehensive, just, compassionate and merciful than our own way of reasoning, reacting and operating ever can be.

Having said that – when Jesus goes beyond that animalistic reaction to injury or attack with the “eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth” remedy – which actually at that point was being “earth-bound compassionate” – rather than taking off someone’s head for an eye, just the eye for the eye was being very generous. But with all the authority of heaven and earth Jesus says: to any injury offer the opposite reaction, not a similar one:

so, this really means turn the other cheek, and offering no resistance to one who is evil – in this way the Divine Chips may fall where they will – and things will end up better beyond belief in the long run – which is another Divine perspective – God is the Master-Architect, Designer, Artist – the big picture has to be taken into consideration always.

So, we must be extravagant in attacks against us, and also ordinary acts of human helpfulness – always provide more service than required minimally – give when people ask – don’t turn your back on anyone, but most especially your own – your own family members and charges.

Yes, this is very hard – but remember – when God is dealing with us – who are sinner sons and daughters of Adam and Eve – we want him to be as extravagant, forgiving and compassionate. Lord, have mercy on us all!

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