Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Jun 19 - Tuesday 11th Week in OT

+ The readings today tell us that we are not meant to be aimless, rudderless vessels on the great sea of life.  If anything like that, we may be likened to sail boats who depend on the “wind of the Holy Spirit” to push us along in the ways that God the Father / Creator would have us go. But not only that, there really is a “magnetic pull” if you will, kind of like the Great North Star, in front of us, likewise pulling to toward that perfect pier point that is the gate of eternal life and heavenly existence.

That magnetic pull is the supernatural reality, entity and power of LOVE – the dynamic life of the Blessed Trinity that resides in us in a special way as Baptized, Confirmed Catholics – which knows its origin and source. It is becoming more and more clear that the dynamic exchange of love between the God the Father and God the Word, produces the Spirit (Holy Spirit) whose energetic never ceasing undulation is real “love” – this, is the foundation and subatomic building block of all created things, including human beings.

The dynamism of LOVE then created us, the dynamism of love fills us and allows us to have self-conscious being, the dynamism of love is drawing all of us back to the center, to the core, to the seat of the Trinity, which is the eternal state of beatific bliss that awaits those who do not put obstacles in the way, by the misuse of freedom. We have freedom, to be able to choose to belong to God’s eternal family, that will actually exist in an everlasting “marriage feast” and “honeymoon that will last forever!” – and we shall all live happily ever after – if we want to. This of course, being the “Wedding Feast of the Lamb of God, Jesus” whose death and resurrection to a newness of being – the full glory of humanity – made the same now possible for every one else, who simply believes it happened, and continues to happen, and is the ground of the possibility of eternal endurance, and purdurance.

This is the “perfection” that Jesus tells us we are capable of in the gospel passage when he commands us to “be perfect as our heavenly Father is perfect!” If Jesus commands anything, he always gives the actual grace and power to be able to do it! PERFECT LOVING EXISTENCE is our goal, our life and our eternal beatitude.

Today, then let us rely on the fact that we are more than our bodies, we are more than our minds, we are more that our earthbound spirits: we are already immortal, we are already chosen, we are already being drawn to our port in the heavens, by cords of LOVE, cords of Compassion, cords of Kindness, Forgiveness and Peace – but also cords of reason, cords of common sense, cords of plans of human helpfulness. We are here now for each other, so that later we can be there with each other!

I give you a new commandment: love one another as I have loved you.

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