Thursday, June 28, 2018

Jun 28 - Thursday 12th Week in OT

+ The gospel passage today again tells it like it is:  how you build your house is quite literally a matter of life and death, and in the realm that Jesus is inferring today: how you build your spiritual dwelling is very literally a matter of your eternal life and your eternal death.

In a good sense, we can look around at the insidious dissolution of the government of the United States of America, just shy of its 243rd birthday, and the global ramifications of our sinking into a democracy free, authoritarian populist form of self-imposed dictatorship – as a blessing: for it begs God the Father to intervene, as he said he would, at just the right time, and he will install the true regent, true king, true lord of the universe into a reign that will be so simple, so loving, so powerful, that it will include everyone who ever lived.

This coming kingdom is indeed a fact, but the timing, we have a lot to do with – if we don’t stand up as also citizens of this earth, and demand the removal of such an autocracy immediately, then we will be forcing God’s hand in establishing the new heavens and the new earth, sooner rather than later.

So long as our own spiritual houses are not only in order – with good works galore as our entrance fee to the new kingdom – but solidly built on rock: the rock being the tenets of the Catholic Church – which is the living resurrected person of Jesus Christ, then we can be assured that reckoning day will go easy for us. And for the rest – so long as one is “on the way to the sky” following objectively and rightly formed conscience – he has nothing to fear – but those who just insist on living in a spiritual house of their own design and construction, and on sand, will not fare well at all. And that will be that!
Let our day today be filled with joy because we have chosen Christ, chosen life, chosen, chosen one another! Amen.

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