Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Jun 5 - Tuesday 9th Week in OT

+ With the authority of God the Father himself, Jesus relates to us in the gospel passage that it is appropriate and necessary to give to those carrying rightful authority over us, if they use it in a godly manner, the respect and support that is their due as representatives of Christ the King, who is True Leader, Governor and Lord / King of the Universe. This concept therefore is not man-made, but because Jesus said it: it is from God, objectively, who is imminent in the fabric of everything in existence: everything!

In the first reading from the 2nd letter of St. Peter, we hear a wise exhortation from Peter to live in peace while we await the establishment of the new heavens and the new earth, the new “space” if you will, and the new “time” – that will be eternal and beyond our wildest imaginings! And with our risen bodies we will be citizens of the Kingdom of Love, and Joy and Peace – and Jesus, the Word Incarnate, and Ascended, will be King of Ruler of all hearts and minds forever. This again, is not fanciful mythology: but fact beyond reproach, because Jesus said it: and he is objective and trustworthy Word of the Father!

So for us, this day, this means that while waiting to go to the Wedding of the Lamb of God – Jesus, the Bridegroom of the Church – and we are all invited – all – we must give to legitimate “fill-in-authority” on earth their due – so long as they do not violate our conscience – and play the waiting game doing vocationally the small part God has assigned each of us as a kind of “practice-round” for true heavenly reality! And this is one game that counts and has eternal consequences. We will be invited to the big “gold house” in the heavens – if we play our hearts out until the end of the game!
“Behold the new heavens and the new earth!” our home eternally! Amen.

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