Saturday, July 21, 2018

Jul 21 - Saturday 15th Week in OT

+ What timely readings we have today, as so often happens. The first reading from the Prophet Micah could easily be published in the New York Times today or the Washington Post: “woe to those who plot evil, who lie in be planning mischief! No sooner is it dawn then they do it – their hands have the strength for it: the all devious, the all cunning “tweet.”

But the Lord says to this: Now it is I who plot such mischief against this breed as your necks will not escape; nor will you be able to walk proudly, so evil will the time be.

This is an evil age in which we live, but it is nothing new – it all emanates from what happened in the Garden of Eden eons ago! Evil is here – but remember the deal – evil will be allowed to roam the earth, but the Good, the Just, the Truthful will always TRUMP IT – and I intend the pun quite forcefully! Trump will be Trumped if good men and women and children rise up morally and ethically and say: “Enough is enough! Cease and desist in the Name of the Son of God! Jesus Christ!”

Will you be a true disciple of Christ, a disciple of discipline and order and right living and peace and joy! The world is an illusion that we have absolute control over – when we align ourselves with God and his already Triumphant Lord and King.

Are you following the banner of Christ, then, today, or will you follow that side of manifest evil and decay?

In the gospel passage Jesus gives us a direct plan on how to do it, a plan that he demonstrates for us first: “he will not contend or cry out, now will anyone hear his voice in the streets. A bruised reed he will not break, a smoldering wick he will not quench, until he brings justice to victory. In his name the Gentiles will hope!” And so there is always hope, but Jesus tells us the best way to do this is first in the inner recesses of our own hearts where he resides due to our baptisms, and then once we have fought the fight within and adopted his entire Upside-down vision of reality – then we can with the slightest, calm and most peaceful way rebut all that is going on around us: by means of with our own fingers contacting our elected governing officials and tell them to right-the-ship of the Patriots before it is too late!

And then in whatever methods and means the Spirit moves us – stand up to Evil, stand up to Lies, stand up to anything and any one who threatens the dismantle freedom of choice in our land!


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