Friday, August 3, 2018

Aug 3 - Friday 17th Week in OT

+ Our readings today are no coincidence, no coincidence at all taken in the real context of what is playing out in our nation and in our world, in which we, as citizens of heaven, also live!

Our country, our cities, our families, ourselves, our world – is under attack – not just by the Russians, not just by Donald Trump, our President, but  more importantly and potentially fatally, by the devil and his angels – plain, in sight, and simple.

And just as God warned the king of Judah that his country would become desolate and in ruins, physically, as well as morally and ethically, so too God is warning us, who are responsible to correct the wrong when we see it, to build up the kingdom of heaven in its initial stages here on earth, and to build up one another always and without question. The almost incomprehensible show last night in a Trump rally in Wilkes-Barre, PA – shamed not only Trump himself, but everyone who attended. If this is not blind deviant cult activity, then I don’t know what is. It was a spewing forth of a personality sick at the core and inciting the worst possible response in a group of obviously mindless – conscience-less, “sheep!”

The gospel passage warns that the prophets in our day, who must speak out, who are compelled to speak out, will face ridicule and all sorts of retaliation – but just as Jeremiah could not stop speaking, so must the baptized, confirmed and ordained and professed Christians – “other Christ’s” – do the same.

And we will not be accepted in our own families, and friends, and neighborhoods and work places – but this should be a very good sign for us – because all the prophets of old, and new ones since the time of Jesus, faced this same reception because they were doing something right and good, truthful and just  to express God’s deep and heartfelt emotion of love for his errant people!

And the best way to speak out, is to SPEAK OUT, and ACT OUT IN GENTLENESS AND MERCIFUL COMPASSION – to those we will meet today – and let the Light of Christ which shines through our eyes be their first point of contact with the Truth – the rest will take care of itself. SMILING EYES is the way to go!

In your great love, hear and answer our prayers, O God, our savior, redeemer and best friend forever!

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