Thursday, October 19, 2017

Oct 19 - The North American Martyrs

+ Today we have readings that challenge us to be the men and women of faith that we are called to be, that is our purpose for our very existence, and all of which helps upbuild the Kingdom of God as was foreplaned from all eternity.

Of ourselves we can do absolutely nothing, not a thing – but cooperating fully with God’s plan and purpose we can do extraordinary things even though they may look common and ordinary – or even more spectacular if what we do awakens faith and love in other people.

In the first reading we see St. Paul telling the Ephesians that he has access by God’s divine grace and willing it – of the very mysteries of God – for dissemination among the Gentiles who were called along with the Jews to be recipients of redemption and reconciliation.

Paul felt the awesome but o so joyful duty to proclaim the arrival of the kingdom of grace and peace and love and justice and truth and beauty – and he proclaims that any who ask for it can have the exact same access to bolden their speech and confidence by faith in action.

The gospel passage shows Jesus telling us that for those who have been given a deeper glimpse into the mysteries of God for sharing with others – more will be required: such as was required of St. John DeBrebeuf, Isaac Jogues and Companions (the North American Martyrs). But that God’s grace and love would always be sufficient: these were true sons of St. Ignatius – who surrendered everything to God and was given just enough love and grace for the moment! And who could ask or desire or dream for more than that. “When you need it, you got it!”

So let us in a Jesuitical way today thank God for the sacrifices of the North American Martyrs – and ask their prayers that in this day in age we can stand up boldly, speak confidently yet peacefully – and preach by our actions that there is One God – and that he Love us Unconditionally – and is ever urging us on the finish the fight of faith – which will blossom into an eternity of bliss with him and all others who make it across “the bridge” on that Last Day!

Stay awake! For you do not know on which day your Lord will come.  

Music is in the very "fabric of the universe"

Be very still, and listen! Be very attentive and hear! Be very in tune, and you will be amazed at what you hear God saying to you - in music, of limitless varieties.

27th Sunday in Ordinary Time

27th Sunday in Ordinary Time
He leased his property out to tenant farmers...

Song of the Spirit - Daily Reflection Shared by Wendy Ford

Song of the Spirit
October 13, 2017

The eye of the Lord sees all
The mind of the Lord knows all
The soul of the Lord feels all
Therefore come before him with open heart
That you might receive all the gifts he has prepared for you.
For it is the gifts of the Spirit which fill you
Wisdom, understanding and knowledge
Counsel, fortitude, piety
And Fear of the Lord.

Thus your actions will be service to another
Your teachings of the Word will be instruction to another
Your compassion will be comfort to another
You shall not be turned from right paths
You shall come to the end of the day rejoicing
Praising the name of the Lord.