Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Jun 19 - Tuesday 11th Week in OT

+ The readings today tell us that we are not meant to be aimless, rudderless vessels on the great sea of life.  If anything like that, we may be likened to sail boats who depend on the “wind of the Holy Spirit” to push us along in the ways that God the Father / Creator would have us go. But not only that, there really is a “magnetic pull” if you will, kind of like the Great North Star, in front of us, likewise pulling to toward that perfect pier point that is the gate of eternal life and heavenly existence.

That magnetic pull is the supernatural reality, entity and power of LOVE – the dynamic life of the Blessed Trinity that resides in us in a special way as Baptized, Confirmed Catholics – which knows its origin and source. It is becoming more and more clear that the dynamic exchange of love between the God the Father and God the Word, produces the Spirit (Holy Spirit) whose energetic never ceasing undulation is real “love” – this, is the foundation and subatomic building block of all created things, including human beings.

The dynamism of LOVE then created us, the dynamism of love fills us and allows us to have self-conscious being, the dynamism of love is drawing all of us back to the center, to the core, to the seat of the Trinity, which is the eternal state of beatific bliss that awaits those who do not put obstacles in the way, by the misuse of freedom. We have freedom, to be able to choose to belong to God’s eternal family, that will actually exist in an everlasting “marriage feast” and “honeymoon that will last forever!” – and we shall all live happily ever after – if we want to. This of course, being the “Wedding Feast of the Lamb of God, Jesus” whose death and resurrection to a newness of being – the full glory of humanity – made the same now possible for every one else, who simply believes it happened, and continues to happen, and is the ground of the possibility of eternal endurance, and purdurance.

This is the “perfection” that Jesus tells us we are capable of in the gospel passage when he commands us to “be perfect as our heavenly Father is perfect!” If Jesus commands anything, he always gives the actual grace and power to be able to do it! PERFECT LOVING EXISTENCE is our goal, our life and our eternal beatitude.

Today, then let us rely on the fact that we are more than our bodies, we are more than our minds, we are more that our earthbound spirits: we are already immortal, we are already chosen, we are already being drawn to our port in the heavens, by cords of LOVE, cords of Compassion, cords of Kindness, Forgiveness and Peace – but also cords of reason, cords of common sense, cords of plans of human helpfulness. We are here now for each other, so that later we can be there with each other!

I give you a new commandment: love one another as I have loved you.

Monday, June 18, 2018

Jun 18 - Monday 11th Week in OT

+ The gospel passage today is a tough lesson in real love. In order to understand the reading, we need to understand that God is God, we are not, and that our finite, limited and often-times prejudiced minds cannot comprehend real reality, or the way God operates - which is vastly more comprehensive, just, compassionate and merciful than our own way of reasoning, reacting and operating ever can be.

Having said that – when Jesus goes beyond that animalistic reaction to injury or attack with the “eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth” remedy – which actually at that point was being “earth-bound compassionate” – rather than taking off someone’s head for an eye, just the eye for the eye was being very generous. But with all the authority of heaven and earth Jesus says: to any injury offer the opposite reaction, not a similar one:

so, this really means turn the other cheek, and offering no resistance to one who is evil – in this way the Divine Chips may fall where they will – and things will end up better beyond belief in the long run – which is another Divine perspective – God is the Master-Architect, Designer, Artist – the big picture has to be taken into consideration always.

So, we must be extravagant in attacks against us, and also ordinary acts of human helpfulness – always provide more service than required minimally – give when people ask – don’t turn your back on anyone, but most especially your own – your own family members and charges.

Yes, this is very hard – but remember – when God is dealing with us – who are sinner sons and daughters of Adam and Eve – we want him to be as extravagant, forgiving and compassionate. Lord, have mercy on us all!

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Jun 17 - 11th Sunday in Ordinary Time

11th Sunday in Ordinary Time – June 17, 2018

I –I have lifted high the lowly tree.
R –Lord, it is good to give thanks to you.
II – Whether we are at home or away, we aspire to please the Lord.
A – The seed is the word of God, Christ is the sower. All who come to him will live forever.
G –It is the smallest of all seeds, and becomes the largest of plants.

+ It is no accident that the readings today are about green and growing things, during this “green and growing season of the year.” It is easier to understand planting and pruning and growth when it is happening right outside our windows!

The main point of the readings is that the seed that is planted, or the sprout that is transplanted is the WORD OF GOD! God determined that we needed to hear a few things to ensure our steady progress towards him, and so he spoke one ENORMOUS WORD: and that gigantic word was WORD, the word was SON, the word became JESUS, the word was REDEEMER; the WORD became FLESH!

It behooved God through Jesus to speak this word as loudly and clearly as he could so that all the earth could hear it, men and women on every continent: and this he did by training a group of “word-bearers” “gospel-preachers” and then sending them out filled with the fire and persuasive power of the Holy Spirit. Men and women who were within listening range would have no excuse for at least not hearing this gospel: this was true in the olden days when it was done by word of mouth; but in this electronic age, this digital, internet age: it is even easier to get the word out, but also, having it out there, it can even more easily be ignored as it comes with a barrage of daily emails, tweets, text messages and phone calls and chatter!

The Church is truly meant to be a gathering place for all mankind (as the image of the tiny seed grown to a huge embracing tree demonstrates), and all of mankind with its various parts and pieces of true reality ought to feel itself magnetically drawn to the center of it all, the heart and true home manifested as Catholic Church.

This is the Kingdom of God that we are all invited to, this is the Kingdom that will become a reality, when all of the kicking and screaming, and foot-dragging has ceased, and the multitudes will scratch their heads and say: so, this is what it is all about, this peace, this harmony, this joy, this beauty, this justice – what was I thinking? why did I hesitate? why did I try to run away from this?:

and God our loving Father will smile, nod his head and say, “O yes, my precocious little children, this is what I had in mind all along – what took you so long to agree to participate in it? – but hey, I am glad you are here, get out your best clothes, put on your finest jewels and come to the great feast that I have longed to share with you!”

The Word that Jesus spoke all along is LOVE: love is all there is: what we do here in this Mass celebrates love, what we take from here makes love in the world a reality: may we do always as Jesus commanded and love, love, love!

Jun 19 - Tuesday 11th Week in OT

+ The readings today tell us that we are not meant to be aimless, rudderless vessels on the great sea of life.   If anything like that, we...