Thursday, February 4, 2010

Homily – February 4, 2010 – Fourth Week in Ordinary Time - Thursday

+ It is one of the duties of an apostle to be sent to proclaim the good news of salvation with accompanying signs: such as the dismissal of unclean spirits, and the anointing and healing of people from their various afflictions. In our own day and age, there is much evidence that the apostles, bishops, we have in our own country and vicinity take seriously the first part of the mandate but not the second. Bishop are priests of the first class and contain the fullness of the powers of Jesus as Head of the Church, Shepherd, Preacher, Teacher and Healer – as well as the chief offerer of spiritual sacrifice within their own dioceses. But they have long since seem to have disregarded the power especially over unclean spirits that the Lord has given them directly; the power to free minds, and spirits, and psyches from what ails them; and to cure directly many other physical illnesses and diseases. This is not the same as the Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick – which bishops and priests routinely administer to those variously afflicted, especially the seriously and critically ill. What we mean here is direct offensive action taken against the Evil One who manifests himself in unmistakable ways in certain unsuspecting people. Many times such people are written off as simply mentally ill or chronic complainers. Jesus understood their very real problem and sent the apostles and bishops to help them. Let us pray today that bishops remember this particular aspect of their ministries – even if we have to remind them.

Just as King David prepared Solomon, his son, for his death and the transition of the throne – so we pray that all of the wishes of Jesus be transitioned and received by those commissioned to do his work today, especially the local bishop.

The Kingdom of God is at hand; when we repent and believe in the Gospel great signs and wonders can occur in our very midst – even if we have to ask for them!

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Music is in the very "fabric of the universe"

Be very still, and listen! Be very attentive and hear! Be very in tune, and you will be amazed at what you hear God saying to you - in music, of limitless varieties.

27th Sunday in Ordinary Time

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Song of the Spirit - Daily Reflection Shared by Wendy Ford

Song of the Spirit
October 13, 2017

The eye of the Lord sees all
The mind of the Lord knows all
The soul of the Lord feels all
Therefore come before him with open heart
That you might receive all the gifts he has prepared for you.
For it is the gifts of the Spirit which fill you
Wisdom, understanding and knowledge
Counsel, fortitude, piety
And Fear of the Lord.

Thus your actions will be service to another
Your teachings of the Word will be instruction to another
Your compassion will be comfort to another
You shall not be turned from right paths
You shall come to the end of the day rejoicing
Praising the name of the Lord.