Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Nov 29 - 34th Week in OT - Wednesday

+ Our readings today are timely to the extreme. It appears that we are on the brink, once again, of a nuclear holocaust unlike the world has never seen before – these are the words of the Lord, and not Donald Trump, who clearly is into his job as president of the United States way over his head. His incapability of grasping reality with any encounter he has with anyone at all is beyond evident now.

And with his equally dangerous and crazy North Korean counterpart, the complete destruction of civilization as we know it is imminent.

The Doomsday Clock is ticking down ever more quickly now to midnight – only minutes away, only seconds away.

Our readings today exhort us, plead with us, and beg us to pay attention to the meaning of its message: Daniel was brought in the interpret the mysterious and alarming “handwriting on the wall” – which was just scribed by a mysterious and “digital” – meaning, “finger-only” writing tool that was doing the writing: could this be the first “tweet”? I think YES.

King Nebuchadnezzar witnessed this display and “he turned pale with alarm, his thigh-joints went slack and his knees began to knock” – and he quite literally went into shock: and Daniel, whom he knew to be a wise and powerful prophet was called in to interpret “THE HANDWRITING ON THE WALL!”

Daniel entered, read the message, and turned to the King as said: “Mene, Tekel and Prasin” – here is the message from the One God and ruler of all: “Mene” – God has measured your sovereignty and put an end to it; “Tekel” – you have been weighed in the balance and found wanting; “Prasin” – your kingdom has been divided and given to the Medes and the Persians.”

For us this day, it would behoove all of us to “read the handwriting on the wall:” the idiocy and catastrophic danger of the current administration of government in Washington, DC, beginning with the idiot-president who proves minute by minute his misuse and abuse of the God-given power and authority of his public office. All public servants serve Jesus Christ, the King of the Universe, who is also the Chief Servant, the Chief Shepherd of Souls who self-sacrificially laid down his life for the sheep, for all constituents everywhere – no matter their personal level of faith response.

The minutes are ticking down as well for God the Father’s signal to send the Son again to this earth and this time to sort out everything and bring into eternity those who are obedient to him, and who have lives self-sacrificial loving lives.

There will come a time when Trump will turn pale with alarm, his thigh-joints will go slack and his knees will begin to knock, his arms will go limp, his mouth will be silenced, and he will surrender at last to the True Sovereign, Lord and King who will deal with him justly.

The gospel passage relates how men and women and even children will be called upon very soon to choose sides: the side of Christ the King and a glorious eternity prepared for them, or the side of Satan and an abomination beyond description that awaits those who now follow Trump and his base. Choose sides now: the clock is ticking! Amen.

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