Friday, May 25, 2018

May 25 - Friday 7th Week in OT

+ Today’s gospel reading is about the most misunderstood sacrament in the Catholic Church: and that would be “marriage!” The way God intended it to be “in the beginning” – and the way it is even with the best of intentions today are lightyears away from each other. Marriage in the beginning was a way for the man and the woman, God’s highest form of creation, persons, like himself, to mirror the blessed life of the Trinity – a “family of self-donation, self-giving, for the glory of God.”

When we get it into our heads and hearts that “it is all about God” and “not about ourselves at all – then we are seeing things rightly – seeing them as God intended them to be seen in the beginning. God’s greatest happiness is to see man and woman happy, but they can only be happy when they fully forget themselves and seek him, be accepted by him, and then live the dynamo of love that is life in the Holy Spirit.

We are however living in the last stages of the restoration of this original plan, after it has been almost decimated by the man and the woman. Almost, in that while the man and the woman still retain the likeness of God, they are still persons, but they live a wounded image of him – and must spend their lives on earth seeking to conform that image to the image of Christ the Redeemer, so to be ready to enter the heavenly marriage banquet.

And this is where we depart into a brief explanation of marriage as it is intended to be. For a couple to say: “We want to get married, because we love each other” – and that is the most important reason – then they have no idea what sacramental marriage is all about – and should not be married in the Catholic church. “We want to get married because we love God, and want to mirror his own Trinitarian being, in our lives of self-giving – which will be, God willing, creative of new life: children.” This is the correct answer in so many words. So, it’s not about them, it’s about God. And God enters fully into that kind of willingness to be a visible sign of his own life, and the marriage will flourish!

And this stance is to be a “coming attraction” if you will, or “marketing tool” in our day and age, for the end of time, the end of history, the end of the world, when the invited, who accepted the invitation, and are wearing their garments of self-sacrificial love and donation, will enter the Marriage Banquet of the Lamb of God – Jesus, the Messiah, Lord, Redeemer, Savior – and the new heavens and the new earth will begin!

What an amazing future we have, but we can participate in it now, we do participate in it now, when we try to understand it now, and live lives in the likeness of God, the likeness of Christ his Son, the likeness of true children of God!

What God has joined together, now human can separate!

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