Thursday, June 14, 2018

Jun 14 - Thursday 10th Week in OT

+ The readings for mass today are startling. The first reading tells of torrential rains – that hadn’t fallen on that particular spot of land for three years – that started out just a few minutes earlier as a little gray cloud over the sea no bigger than a man’s hand. This manifestation records the mighty power of God to do what he wills, when he wills. It is also important to know that the rain was the result of the prayer of the people whose agricultural and economic life way virtually put on standstill until the rains indeed fell.

In another place Job says: the Lord gives and the Lord takes away, blessed be the name of the Lord. But in his own experience, he can also report that when he gives back again it comes in torrents of blessings and joys beyond our imagining: this the “fist-cloud!”

The gospel passage shows Jesus in a righteous rant about the quality of our lives: if our main joy in life is seeing how many corners we can cut today – just eeking by the barebones, basic and fundamental supernatural principles (such as the scribes and Pharisees were accustomed to doing) we actually needn’t bother at all. Our spiritual lives are dead as can be if we do this.

Jesus begins a torrent of truth telling when he actually replaces the Law of Moses with his own take on each prescription. Why is he doing this? Who does he think he is? Well, he God! He is Word of God! He is Law of God: which is the LAW OF LOVE! period.

And so when we try to cut corners, we are “snipping away at our own noses!”

For example: the law of Moses says: you shall not kill, BUT I SAY – even if you just grow angry with your brother you are guilty of sin; the law of Moses says: He who calls his brother a “Fool” or a “Renegade” is in effect murdering him, because his name, and reputation equal the man – and you will end up in eternal separation from life and love.

So, therefore, when you pray at home, when you pray in church – and you remember any of your brethren who have something against you – go first and be reconciled with your brother or else you are wasting your time praying or worshiping – because the purity of our love, and our forgiveness is the measure of our prayer and worship.

Is he serious? Quite! Unless we begin to show that we are remorseful, sorry and willing to change for the better – then we will stay locked up in the prison of our own minds and hearts: and that can be a very terrifying place to be!

Jesus, the Person, not just the concept or doctrine, is the one to listen to and to follow and not only to imitate – but to activate in our baptized souls, by frequent and heartfelt prayer and worship – give him the time of day – and he will give you the time of your LIFE!

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